Authorized person
Authorized person
Delux Set 3+1+1+coffee table+ cushion
Iris Seating Group
Cuba Seating Group
Hera Swing
Crox Seating Group 3+1+1+COFFEE TABLE
Cross Metal Wood Barstool
Cross Metal Wood Chair
Anemon Chair
Anemon Bar Stool have 2 sizes 75cm&65cm
Amazon Chair sizes 40cm*40cm*88cm
Bari Armchair sizes 56cm*50cm*82cm
Paşa Seating Group 3+2+1+1+ coffee table
Domino Seating Group 3+2+1+1+coffee table
Trend Seating Group 3+2+1+1+coffee table (cushions extra)
Truva Corner Set
Truva Seating Group 3+2+1+1+coffee table
Carla Seating Group
Nemo Seating Group 3+2+1+1+coffee table
Stock Set 2+1+1+coffee table
Rhea Sunbed iroko sunbed with arm and side table
Rhea Sunbed iroko sunbed without arm
Truva Sunbed 80cm*148cm*78cm
Martı Sunbed 60cm*196cm*32cm
Fish Aluminium Sunbed 60cm*196cm*32cm
Sun Sunbed 69cm*94cm*92cm
Tulip Rocking Chair 69cm*97cm*85cm
Seatle Seating Group 2+1+1+ coffee table
Arnes Seating Group 2+1+1+coffee table
Moena Set 2+1+1+coffee table
Neptun 58cm*65cm*92cm
Maya 56cm*56cm*88cm
Mirage 58cm*67cm*89cm
Salsa 58cm*69cm*92cm
Stock Armchair 59cm*56cm*88cm
Pukka Armchair 58cm*68cm*95cm
Bari-r Armchair 56cm*50cm*82cm
Kelebek Table 140 80cm*140cm(+40cm)*75cm
Kelebek Table 160 90cm*160cm(+50cm)*75cm has different sizes
Troy Folding Table sizes: 70x70, 80x80, 70x120, 80x140, 90x160
Asos Aluminium Table sizes: 80*80, 90*90, 90*160, 100*200
Asos Iroko Table 80*80, 90*90, 90*160, 100*200
Fox Table 90cm*160cm*75cm
Napoli Table aluminium leg+iroko top table sizes 80*140, 90*160
Neptun Folding Armchair 58cm*65cm*92cm
Salsa hornbeam folding armchair sizes 58cm*69cm*92cm
Mirage hornbeam folding armchair sizes 58cm*67cm*89cm
Arya Swing
Gül Swing we produce in three different woods; iroko,hornbeam and pinewood
A-ayak Swing plastic rattan swing
Solombia Swing plastic rattan swing
Karya Swing plastic rattan swing
Rüya Swing plastic rattan swing
Jut Umbrella aluminium umbrella size 220cm
Wooden Umbrella 2 different sizes 300cm, 400cm
Aluminium Umbrella 2 different sizes: 300cm, 400cm